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Do you know whose taxes you are paying?

You might think you are paying only your own taxes, but that is far from true.

Emmett F. Fields

What started as a serious leak in the tax structure that supports this nation, granting tax exemptions to churches – a direct affront to, and nullification of, the very first Clause of the very First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States; “that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,” has grown into an open door to all who are unscrupulous enough to dump their rightful taxes upon the poor and powerless tax payers of our nation.

This industry of perpetual swindle has become a great threat to the survival of this nation. Terrorists are but a miner annoyance compared to the ever growing army of parasites within the very bowels of our nation, that are eating away the tax base until the governments of the cities, the states, and the nation itself will cave in upon itself. One wonders if that time of collapse is not now upon us, and is at the root of this deep depression (they are calling it a mere recession) that we have so suddenly fallen into.

There are now well established law firms – tax exempt mills – that provide the legal work to get tax exemptions for their constant flow of unscrupulous clients. They are like divorce mills that will get you whatever you want if you have the money, and the money can be as little as $499.00. For this they will …. but I will let one such Firm speak for itself, this is what they offer:

Since 1999 For over 10 years, ***** & ****** has been the trusted leader in obtaining 501c3 tax exemptions for our clients. Our experience is unparalleled and our commitment is to the thousands of clients whom we have had the privilege of serving.

501(c)3 Applications

Our extensive experience allows us to professionally draft your 501(c)3 application. We have helped many non-profit organizations save time and precious resources, allowing them to dedicate themselves to fundraising as well as fostering relationships that are vital to achieving their goals.

Our Services and Fees

Our $499 legal fee includes preparation of the necessary forms and supporting documents for the IRS and state tax revenue boards, reviewing and amending the organizing documents and preparation of corporate bylaws.”

 They boast that their “commitment” is to the “thousands of clients” they have removed from the tax rolls; relieved them of all their obligations to their Nation, their community and to their neighbors. These Firms may be proud of what they are doing, but I have nothing but contempt for their misplaced commitment – and for their clients. This quote was from only one of the many Firms dedicated to this disgusting work of national destruction. But almost all Law Firms will prepare the necessary Forms to allow you to dump your taxes upon the defenseless community.

Do a Web search for Tax Exemption, and you will get about 1,670,000 results instantly. You will find there are trade magazines that are exclusively for the tax exempt industry, one, at least, boasts that it caters primarily to Fortune 500 exempt companies. For the truly great swindlers, the Fortune 500 crowd, there are Law Firms that offers a “Complete Tax Exemption Package starting at just $1995.00”

If you are a do-it-yourselfer go to the IRS web site where you can download the Farms and instructions to apply for tax exemptions for almost any organization, no matter how large, small, or useless. And if you can claim association with a church, Praise be to gawd, you don’t even need to apply, just walk in and say to the IRS doorman; (if they even ask) “I’m with them.”

            The Exempt swindle is constantly expanding, the IRS now has rulings that allow exempt organizations to cooperate with for profit entities. In Ruling 2004-51, the IRS decided that an exempt organization's taking part in joint ventures with for profit companies did not jeopardize the organization's tax-exempt status, because the joint venture remained consistent with the organization's tax-exempt purpose. What next?? Will bad checks, stock swindle, and other criminal activity be also ruled acceptable because such activity remained consistent with the organization's tax-exempt purpose?

If there is a way to steal even a little more from the defenseless honest tax payer, the IRS seems willing to allow it. The magic words are “Tax Exempt,” with those words in your title there is no swindle so vile that it will not be approved, and you will always be honored for “doing good work.”

            And yet there is more! Deductible donations are an equal, if not an even greater swindle. When the generous billionaire donator contributes thousands or millions to a charitable organization, church, or some other organized robber of the public, he deducts that donation from his taxes, thus shifting the burden of the donation to the honest tax payers. The same is true for the small donator who donates money, an old car, boat, shirt, table, whatever, to a tax exempt organization and claim a deduction, that tax money is lost to the community and must be made up by taxing the honest tax payer even more. We have all seen these blatant advertisements where you are invited to “donate” $XX.00 and you will receive, absolutely free, this precious piece of s…tuff. Deductible donations should be stopped immediately. If a donation is made it should come out of the pocket of the donator, and not passed along to the general public. Why should I, and other honest tax payers, be forced to pay for your contribution to an organization that I may regard as an evil upon society?

Need I go into the even more contemptible frauds like Lease Back schemes, where a factory, or business real estate, fleet of trucks or other equipment, is donated to a church or tax exempt organization, and then leased back for a minimal price, in order to avoid paying taxes on the donated property. In this arrangement the business pays the exempt organization less than its honest taxes would be, and the exempt organization has a steady yearly income, and every bit of this lost money must be made up by the honest tax payer. With loss of tax money there is a loss of needed services, police, fire, sanitation and other services; the deterioration of infrastructure - roads, bridges, parks, street lighting, etc., on and on. With loss of revenue there is a loss of the services, pensions and all the rest that is provided by local, State and Federal governments.

            If you have ever wondered why the streets and roads are in such bad condition, blame Tax Exemptions; if you wonder why we do not have a modern mass transit system, blame Tax Exemptions; if you are afraid to go out at night because the streets are not properly lighted or patrolled by enough police, blame Tax Exemptions; if you ever wondered why our nation is losing its position of leadership in the world, blame Tax Exemptions. If you have ever worried that our war veterans are not getting all the medical treatment they need and deserve, blame Tax Exemptions. If you have ever wondered why education suffers and superstition prospers, blame Tax Exemptions. Need I go on? There is so much harm done by Tax Exemptions that the list is endless.

They hold the honest tax payer in absolute contempt.

            The monetary cost to the honest tax payer is enormous, his taxes are constantly being raised, his home is reevaluated ever higher, and the tax rate increased. But it is more than money, in addition to the enormous additional taxes he must pay because of the ever growing Tax Exempt Swindle, the honest tax payer is regulated to a degraded position in the eyes of his government and its tax exempt cohorts. If you are an honest tax paying individual or business person, and need to buy a building or other equipment, you might go to the FHA, HUD, government auctions or other government disposal departments, there you will see that you are last, absolutely last, the first choices goes to government, and then to all the Tax Exempt organizations, and then, if anything is left, you might be permitted to bid on it. The same goes for government grants, and grants from Tax Exempt entities for education, medicine, science, and other worthy causes. No matter how good your system or invention is, if you are an honest tax paying individual or organization, you will most probably not even be allowed to submit an application. Most such exempt organizations warn that if you are not Tax Exempt they will not open or read your email or letter of application. You will forever be a second class citizen in the eyes of the parasites who feed upon you.

            It never occurs to them, or they prefer to ignore the fact, that there are honorable and intelligent people and organizations that refuse to sink into the treasonous position of escaping their obligations to their nation and to their community. I pay my honest taxes, and I do not obtain a Tax Exemption for my Bank of Wisdom publishing and educational business, because it is the American thing to do. I pay my taxes for the same reason I joined the Marine Corps during WWII, I do it because it is the honorable, honest and patriotic thing to do. And I am not alone in my determination to do what is right for my community and my country. There are many other good Americans that put their country first. They are the honest and proud Americans. We are proud to serve our country in every emergency, and proud to pay our rightful taxes to support our Government, but we detest that we are forced to pay also the taxes of the organized swindlers, and pious parasites, who are a disgrace to our country and to the human race.

I wish to dedicate this article, with regrets, to all the eldery people who have lost their homes through Tax Foreclosures because the rich and powerful chose not to pay their share of the tax burden.

Emmett F. Fields