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All Bank of Wisdom books are exact copies of old Scholarly and needed books, and sets of books, on the subjects of Atheism, Freethought, Religion, History, Philosophy, Science, Politics, Economics, and other important subjects that have been suppressed and not readily available to the general public. Public decisions can only be made by an informed public that has free access to all information, from every point of view and every subject; and honestly presented by those who accept and believe the views and convictions presented. This service Bank of Wisdom endeavors to fulfill in every respect.

In order to maintain this site and keep these important books and publications available to the public, we must ask for "Moral Donations." Bank of Wisdom pays its honest taxes, as every moral individual, organization, and church should do, so donations to this needed enterprise is NOT tax deductible. Bank of Wisdom cannot fight the treasonable crime of Tax Exemptions, and, at the same time, engage in the crime itself. Therefore we hope to set a precedent that needed activity will get honest donations from the public without offering the opportunity to pass their donations along to tax payers who might not agree with the activity - as I am forced to support organized religion by being forced to pay additional taxes to make up for the enormous amounts of tax exempt property and wealth in the hands of religion - which I recognize as a dangerous and degenerating fraud.

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