Non-Religion of the Future

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The Non-Religion of the Future, A Sociological Study, by Marie Jean Guyau.
This is a scientific study of religion in society, and a prediction of its demise with the progress of society. The Introduction lists these four parts of the study:
I. Sociality the basis of religion - Its definition.
II. The connection between religion, aesthetics, and morals.
III. The inevitable decomposition of all systems of dogmatic religion;
the state of “non-religion” toward which the human mind seems to tend
- The exact sense in which one must understand the non-religion as distinguished from the “religion of the future.”
IV. The value and utility, for the time being, of religion; its ultimate insufficiency.
This is a very interesting study and it should not have been stuffed away and forgotten.
Emmett F. Fields

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  • Author: Guyau. Marie Jean

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