Industrial Relations - The Ludlow Massacre.

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INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS; FINAL REPORT AND TESTIMONY SUBMITTED TO CONGRESS BY THE COMMISSION ON INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS CREATED BY THE ACT OF AUGUST 23, 1912. This book was published by the Government Printing Office and is the official Final Report (1046 pages) of the Congressional Hearing into the famous Ludlow Massacre, wherein Colorado State Militia attacked the encampment of striking miners, killing several women and children as well as striking miners. The miners had been run out of their company owned homes on company land, and were living in tents on public land. Those who were called to testify, and their testimony, include; John R. Lnwson, member international executive board, United Mine Workers of America; John Pierpont Morgan, director United States Steel Corporation. Northern Pacific Railway, and other corporations; Edward P. Costigan, attorney United Mine Workers of America; Jerome D. Greene, secretary Rockefeller Foundation. Barton Hepburn, chairman board of directors, Chase National Bank, New York city; Morris Hillquit, lawyer, Socialist Party of the United States; Andrew Carnegie, New York City; John D. Rockefeller, sr., New York City; Hon. Charles A. Lindbergh, Member of Congress from Minnesota; Frederick A. Cleveland, director Bureau of Municipal Research, New York City; Charles O. Heydt, private secretary to John D. Rockefeller. jr.; John D. Rockefeller, jr., New York City; Charles W. Holman, Investigator, United States Commission on Industrial Relations; Hon. James E. Ferguson, governor of Texas; and many others. This State Militia murder of striking Mine workers and family members, is only one of the many times big business used city police and government; state government, and even the Federal Government to break strikes, or to prosecute Union Leaders for alleged crimes they had nothing to do with. Today big business is determined to destroy our Unions, and the rights of workers, rights that was won by the determination, blood, courage, and lives of those union members who fought for a living wage, and more humane working conditions. America must not allow the greed of the rich to destroy the progress, so dearly won by the blood and lives of the American working public. We must not allow this to happen!
Emmett F. Fields

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  • Author: Commision On Industrial Relation

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