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REPRINTED FROM AN ENGLISH WORK, ENTITLED, "HALF-HOURS WITH THE FREETHINKERS." BY “ICONOCLAST” - COLLINS, & WATTS. Those who have had the courage to think and rise above the religious assertions are legion, this present Work does but scratch the surface. In the Editors' Preface we find the observation of how difficult it was then to find genuine Works of freethought as these books are always suppressed to the fullest extent of the power of organized superstition. I will quote the Preface in it entirety: "EDITORS’ PREFACE. IN these pages, appearing under the title of "Half-Hours with the Freethinkers,” are collected in a readable form an abstract of the lives and doctrines of some of those who have stood foremost in the ranks of Freethought in all countries and in all ages; and we trust that our efforts to place in the hands of the poorest of our party a knowledge of works and workers -- some of which and whom would otherwise be out of their reach -- will be received by all in a favorable light. We shall, in the course of our publication, have to deal with many writers whose opinions widely differ from our own, and it shall be our care to deal with them justly, and in all cases to allow them to utter in their own words their essential thinkings. We lay no claim to originality in the mode of treatment, we will endeavor to cull the choicest flowers from the garden, and if others can make a brighter or better bouquet, we shall be glad to have their assistance. We have only one object in view, and that is, the presenting of free and manly thoughts to our readers, hoping to induce like thinking in them, and trusting that noble work may follow noble thoughts. The Freethinkers we intend treating of have also been Free Workers, endeavoring to raise men’s minds from superstition and bigotry, and place before them a knowledge of the real. We have been the more inclined to issue the Half-Hours with the Freethinkers” in consequence, not only of the difficulty which many have in obtaining the works of the Old Freethinkers, but also as an effective answer to some remarks which have lately appeared in certain religious publications, implying a dearth of thought and thinkers beyond the Dale of the Church. We wish all men to know that great minds and good men have sought truth apart from faith for many ages, and that it is because few were prepared to receive them, and many united to crush them, their works are so difficult of access to the general mass at the present day." Censorship and slander of Atheists and freethinkers is and have always been the foundation that keeps religion in business. Here is a list of the Freethinkers who are covered in this Work: Thomas Hobbes; Lord Bolingbroke; Condorcet; Spinoza; Anthony Collins; Des Cartes; M. De Voltaire; John Toland; Compt De Volney; Charles Blount; Percy Bysshe Shelley; Claude Brian Helvetius; Frances W. D’Arusmont; Epicurus; Zeno; Matthew Tindal; David Hume; Dr. Thomas Burnet; Thomas Paine; Baptiste De Mirabaud; Baron D’Holbach; Robert Taylor; Joseph Barker." Many of the Works of these great minds will be available on this site, and those we do not now have we are in search of.
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: HalfHour
  • Author: Iconoclast - Collins & Watts

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