A Short History Of The Inquisition

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A SHORT HISTORY OF THE INQUISITION, What it Was and What it Did. This book was started in the office of The Truth Seeker magazine to be a much shorter work, and was originally meant to be more of a reference work on the Inquisition than the History it became over time. And yet, considering the horrible extent of the Inquisition, it is a short summery in some 744 large pages. And the book includes also an Appended account of Persecutions by Protestants, the Persecution of Witches, the war of the churches against Science and progress, and a short history of the attitude of American churches toward African Slavery. Many volumes have been written on all these subjects, but this book will give the Reader a general view of the subjects covered and will lead his or her to more in-depth Works on the various subjects.
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: HISINQU
  • Author: MacDonald, E. M.

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