Col. Robert G. Ingersoll As He Is.

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ROBERT G, INGERSOLL -- COL, ROBERT G. INGERSOLL AS HE IS. A Complete Refutation of His Clerical Enemies’ Malicious Slanders, by E. M, Macdonald, Editor of The Truth Seeker. This is the last edition of this book with this Title, there is an addition in the back of this book telling of the death of Mr. Ingersoll, after this edition the Title was changed to ' COL, ROBERT G. INGERSOLL AS HE WAS' and the facts of his death was brought into the main body of the book. The constant lies an slanders against Mr. Ingersoll by the Christian clergy proves that there is no morals where religion is concerned. Those that knew Mr. Ingersoll and was truthful, including a few clergy, admitted that he was a moral family man in every respect, and that he stated honestly his thoughts on religion in general, and Christianity in particular.
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: ASHE
  • Author: MacDonald, E. M.

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