Evolution Social and Organic

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Evolution Social Or Organic, by ARTHUR M. LEWIS. From the Preface: "The contents of this volume consist of the first ten lectures of the thirty-five in the Winter course of 1907- 08. They were delivered in the Garrick Theater, Chicago, on Sunday mornings to crowded houses. On several occasions half as many people were turned away as managed to get in. If these lectures meet with as warm a reception when read as they did when heard, I shall be more than satisfied." ARTHUR M. LEWIS was an important Left leaning Economist of his day, he drew great crowds to his Lectures, and this series was among his most popular. His views of the development of society and the economic needs of his day are very much alive today when the world is battling a new Depression.
Emmett F. Fields

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  • Author: Lewis, Arthur M.

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