Who Wrote The Bible?

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Who wrote the Bible? A Book For The People by Washington Gladden. From the book: "THE aim of this volume is to put into compact and popular form, for the benefit of intelligent readers, the principal facts upon which scholars are now generally agreed concerning the literary history of the Bible. The doctrines taught in the Bible will not be discussed ; it? claims to a supernatural origin will not be the principal matter of inquiry; the book will concern itself chiefly with those purely natural and human agencies which have been employed in writing, transcribing, editing, preserving, transmitting, translating, and publishing the Bible." Any argument about the Christian Bible being the word of a god no longer troubles the truly educated. These questions only concern the indoctrinated that has not, and maybe cannot, honestly question and investigate its history, its claims, its mistakes, or the horror it has brought to the world.
Emmett F. Fields

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  • Author: Gladden, Washington

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