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FROM MONKEY TO MAN OR Society in the Tertiary Age, the Story of the Missing Link SHOWING THE FIRST STEPS IN INDUSTRY, COMMERCE, GOVERNMENT, RELIGION AND THE ARTS. WITH AN ACCOUNT OF THE GREAT EXPEDITION FROM COCOANUT HILL AND THE WARS IN ALIGATOR SWAMP, by AUSTIN BIERBOWER. From the "PUBLISHER’S PREFACE. The extraordinary interest which this book has excited has induced the publisher to issue a new and revised edition at a reduced price, believing that, as it is the first attempt at a prehistoric novel, it will have a wide reading. The subject, the characters and the period are here for the first time introduced into fiction. The scenes are laid, in the Tertiary Age when, according to the Darwinian Theory, men were emerging from the Ape, and they portray the supposed exploits of our ancestors at that stage of development." So we have here a Novel, with all the adventures and dangers of a emerging human being in a primitive world he did not yet understand.
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: mtoman
  • Author: Bierbower, Austin

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