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Jesus A Myth, by GEORG BRANDES. There have been a good number of books, large and small, that question and reject the myth of Jesus, but, somehow, these needed books never seem to be made available to the general public, and so we, the human race, struggle on through persecutions, hatred and fear instilled into the believing public because of a simple myth that has become a plague to humanity. Here is a few lines from this little book: "Gradually ‘the idea had
taken shape that what we call natural laws are authentic manifestations of the divine spirit. Individual persons realized how irrational and improbable it was that a deity, or a specially inspired human being should reveal his superior nature by violations of laws that were also divine. The Rationalists regarded the miracles as naive embellishments of historic events, or as deliberate interpolations meant to foster a belief in supernatural power. The historic foundations were not at all questioned. If only the miracles could be disposed of, the genuine element in religion would remain, the Free-thinkers imagined what they called the “religion of reason.” In England as in France and Germany; to Lord Herbert of Cherbury, John Toland, and Anthony Collins; to Fontenelle,’ Jean Meslier, and Voltaire; to Reimarus, Moses Mendelssohn, and Lessing …" There is whole new and wonderful world of nature and reason waiting for those who can break lose of the mind deadening myths.
Emmett F. Fields

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  • Author: Brandes, Georg

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