The Riddle of the Universe

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THE RIDDLE OF THE UNIVERSE AT THE CLOSE OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY, by ERNST HAECKEL. Ernst Haeckel was a leading scientist of his time, and this is probably his greatest book, in it he confronts the claims of religion, and compares them to the advance of modern science. For this and other Works, he was accused of falsifying scientific information and doctoring scientific illustrations. The charges were entirely false but the extensive publicity given the charges was devastating. Haeckel answered the charges, but his reply did not get the publicity that the original charges did, and today there are many, even Freethinkers, who believe Haeckel falsified scientific information. Bank of Wisdom will republish his reply and offer it here.
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: rofuniv
  • Author: Haeckel, Ernest

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