Chapters From the Bible of The Ages

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G. B. STEBBINS -- Chapters From the Bible of the Ages, by G. B. Stebbins. This is an interesting collection of chapters, quotes and sayings from many sources, there are many quotes from the various religions of the world; there are essays from various writers on the ideas of life and belief. To give an idea of what will be found in this volume: John Milton - Plea for Free Thought; Philip Sidney - Arcadia; William Pam - No Cross, no Crown; Robert Barclay - Address to King Charles II; The Light within - Elias Hicks; Essentials in Religion - W. E. Charming; Man’s Demands, God’s Commands; H. C. Wright, Creeds - S. J. May; Free Thought and Free Speech - W. L. Garrison; The Reformer - J. G. Whittier; Forgiveness and Love - Lydia M. Child; Spiritual Christianity - T. Starr King; Free Religion and a Free State - S. Johnson. And hundreds more.Emmett F. Fields

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  • Author: Stebbins, G. B.

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