Memoirs of the King's Supremacy.

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MEMOIRS OF THE KING’S SUPREMACY; AND OF THE RISE PROGRESS AND RESULTS OF THE SUPREMACY OF THE POPE, IN DIFFERENT AGES AND NATIONS, , SO FAR AS RELATES TO CIVIL AFFAIRS, by Thomas Brooke Clarke. This is the fascinating History of how the Popes of the Roman Catholic Church - sort of appointed for life CEOs - managed to seize the political power of nation after nation, and raise the church and popes to the assumed position of being superior to the Kings and legitimate governments of these various nations. This book shows the how, over centuries this assumption was achieved through power and deceit, and proves that the Roman Catholic Pope has no legitimate power over the Kings, Queens, and legitimate governments of any nation on earth. You will love this book!
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: KingSupr
  • Author: Clarke, Thomas Brooke

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