A Trip To Rome

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A TRIP TO RONE, by J. B. Wilson. Dr. Wilson, of Cincinnati Ohio, went to Rome in 1904 to attend the World Freethought Convention that was one of the greatest gathering of Atheists, Rationalists, and Freethinkers in History. And this description of the trip and Convention is the only definitive record of that Convention that I am aware of. Freethought was so strong, and the Roman Catholic Church so weak at that time, that the Pope (the leader) of the Roman Catholic Church was unable to prevent the Convention meeting in Rome. Rome is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. So the pope fumed as the Convention proceeded. The title of this book is entirely misleading, the book is far more than simply 'a trip to Rome.'
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: rome
  • Author: Wilson, J.B.

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