On Liberty & The Subjection of Women.

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ON LIBERTY and THE SUBJECTION OF WOMEN, by John Stewart Mill. This is two important works in one book. Both these Essays are really on the same subject; one is Mr. Mill's famous Essay on LIBERTY; the other is Mr. Mill's criticism of the lack of LIBERTY allotted to women. The Liberty of men, as defined in this Essay, is an ideal that may never be attained, it is probably a bit better than it was when Mr. Mill write his Essay on the subject. The Subjection of Women is yet an oppression in our modern world. Much improved as her condition is today, she is still subjugated in her control of her own body -- her reproductive organs are still locked in the Chastity Belt of superstition and economic greed. The poor have always produced the largest families, and more teen pregnancies than the wealthy who have the means and knowledge to limit birth as desired. Thus it is that society produces children in adverse proportion to their ability to care for them. This basic fact gives a great advantage to the wealth who own and operate the means of production, it ensures a large percentage of the population who must struggle in poverty and in the shadow of hunger. This ensures a plentiful supply of cheap labor. So the control of needed knowledge, contraception and abortion assures suffering and cheap labor. So both Religion and industry serve the god of greed by doing all they can to keep the better half of our society bare foot and pregnant. Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: JSMill
  • Author: Mill, John Stuart

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