Women of the Renaissance

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THE WOMEN OF THE RENAISSANCE; A Study in Feminism. R. de Maulde la Claviere. This book was translated from the French - and who, pray tell, knows more about Women than the French? Well, some say many, others say none. This is a serious study published in 1900, that shows us the world of women at that time. It is interesting to read the complex questions the Author ponders in quest of understanding. Many of these problems are amusing today, yet there are others that still seek to be understood. From the Preamble: "THE woman question-what is more absorbing? What do women want? What do they demand? They have been shamefully neglected. To judge by the code, there never were such beings on earth. But the code has hallowed iniquities. The education of women is pitiable. They ought to know everything-and are taught nothing. They are deficient in intelligence-they are too intelligent, They ought to have their separate careers, their separate circles, their independence -- to be the equals of their husbands, to be men and yet remain women. They ought to have votes --that, it appears, forms one element of happiness. Many people in England are even dreaming of suppressing marriage; and it must be observed that, as Englishmen largely expatriate themselves, there is no lack of involuntary spinsters, who are by no means the least ardent in prosecuting the campaign. In short, it is a very babel. Everyone has something to say. The press, the stage, the pulpit, all resound with these questions -- to say nothing of public meetings, private meetings, at homes, lectures. The subject is well-nigh done to death; it has, moreover, a special tendency to lose itself in mist, and there is no sort of cohesion in outlook or aim." So we see the book is a quest to understand this elusive creature called WOMAN, As if there can be one understanding of so many individuals, and as for the mystery of women, let us hope it is never solved.
Emmett F. Fields

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  • Author: De Maulde la Claviere, R.

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