Women and the New Race

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WOMAN AND THE NEW RACE, by Margaret Sanger. No words can describe the importance of the Work that Margaret Sanger set herself to. She was the good that attacked the most evil part of society; Christian sexual perversions and its dogma to overpopulate the world with its ancient mistakes. Religion's need for overpopulation and misery cannot be over stated, a population so dense that the needy have no hope except to turn to the futile act of prayer and uselessness of belief in a god that will help. From the Preface of this book we take: "THE modern Woman Movement, like the modern Labor Movement, may be said to have begun in the Eighteenth century. The Labor movement arose out of the Industrial Revolution with its resultant tendency to over-population, to unrestricted competition, to social misery and disorder. The Woman movement appeared as an at first neglected by-product of the French Revolution with its impulses of general human expansion, of freedom and of equality. … One final step remained to be taken -- it had to be realized not only that the Labor movement could give the secret of success to the woman movement by its method and organization, but that on the other hand, woman held the secret without which labor is impotent to reach its ends. Woman, by virtue of motherhood is the regulator of the birthrate, the sacred disposer of human production. It is in the deliberate restraint and measurement of human production that the fundamental problems of the family, the nation, the whole brotherhood of mankind find their solution. The health and longevity of the individual, the economic welfare of the workers, the general level of culture of the community, the possibility of abolishing from the world the desolating scourge of war-all these like great human needs, depend, primarily and fundamentally, on the wise limitation of the human output." Overpopulation and misery is good for, even necessary to, the survival and control of Christianity, but it is also needed by business and industry to have an endless supply of cheap labor, throwaway people who can be fired without cause. Under such situations the worker is a virtual slave, he, or she, and their children, must survive on starvation wages or no wages at all. Margaret Sanger is my heroine, her work was to save the world, and she had the only formulae to do it.
Emmett F. Fields

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  • Author: Sanger, Margaret

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