Mrs. Packard's Trial

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Marital Power Exemplified in Mrs. Packard's Trial, and Self-Defense From the Charge of Insanity; or Three Years Imprisonment for Religious Belief, by the Arbitrary Will of a Husband, With An Appeal to the Government to Change the Laws as to Afford Legal Protection to Married Women. By Mrs. E. P. W. Packard.
Mrs. Packard is one of the greatest women rights advocates in American History, yet she is almost unknown today. In June 1860 Mrs. Packard was forcibly removed from her home and six children and taken to an insane asylum entirely on the complaint of her husband, the Rev. Theophilus Packard and two physicians from his church. Mrs. Packard was not a Freethinker, she described herself a Christian and her husband a Calvinist, and held that they were opposites. After her release Mrs. Packard went from State to State patitioning to change laws that allowed a husband to commit his wife to an asylum by signing a paper, and statements from two physicians. Other books by Mrs. Packard is included in Bank of Wisdom publications. This great woman shall not be forgotten!
Emmett F. Fields

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