In Prison

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In Prison, by Kate Richards O'Hare.
(Sometime Federal Prisoner number 21669)
Most of the great and brave people who fought and suffered for their cause, and our freedom, have been so carefully removed from our history that we feel great pride in bringing their Works and memory back to public attention. And none deserves to be remembered more than Kate Richards O'Hare. Her writing sends the cry for reform, and a better world, to the ages. And her message is as true today as when first written. In this book she says the United States needs separate prisons for political prisoners, as they should not be housed with hardened criminals. Today we have separate prisons, Guantanamo Bay being best known, in Kate's day the political prisoners were called Reds.
But Kate was concerned about the treatment of all prisoners; she dedicates this book:

"To the men and women who dwell behind prison
walls in the cities of Sorrow, this book is dedicated.
If, perchance, it aids, ever so little, in awakening
the social conscience of the people of the United
States to the duty we owe our weak and erring
children, I shall feel well repaid for the months I
spent in prison."

  • Model: Prison
  • Author: O'hare, Kate Richards

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