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AN EYE-OPENER. "CITATEUR, PAR PIGAULT." LE BRUN, DOUBTS OF INFIDELS: EMBODYING THIRTY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS TO THE CLERGY. Also FORTY CLOSE QUESTIONS TO THE DOCTORS OF DIVINITY, by ZEPA. This book was published in 1871, and even at that late date the Author dared not use his real name with this book that asks many of the very questions that every person should ask about every important question that he or she must use as the foundation of his World View and the views the person will, directly or indirectly, implant upon their children, their family, and to a lesser extent, their friends. From the Preface we are told: "PREFACE. IT is evident, from all past history, that error of opinion has been productive of more human misery than any other cause. A knowledge of the truth in relation to all disputed subjects is most likely to be obtained by free and untrammeled discussion, which will elicit facts. In an age like the present, when superstition and despotism are fast receding before the light of truth and liberty, we have thought that the publication of this work might contribute somewhat to the glorious result, and would be highly acceptable to a liberal community. We have examined the subject set forth in these pages, for many years, with candor and impartiality. We believe that we are paying that tribute which every member of society owes to his fellow-citizens, by thus endeavoring to acquaint them with the many reasons why the popular systems of religion are unworthy of belief, and in calling the attention of the people to the necessity of thinking and investigating for themselves every subject that is worth having an opinion about. COMPILER." Wise men - and women - have shouted this same message, as loud as laws would permit, throughout the ages, and yet the masses fall down in groundless fear and worship the lies that are put upon them by those who profit and control the masses by the fear instilled through superstitious non-sense.
Emmett F. Fields

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