Twelve Sermons.

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TWELVE SERMONS, on 1. Hypocrisy and Cruelty; 2. Drunkenness; 3. Bribery; 4. The Rights of the Poor; 5. Unjust Judges; 6. The Sluggard; 7. Murder; 8. Gaming; 9. Public Robbery; 10. The Unnatural Mother; 11. Forbidding Marriage; 12. Parsons and Tithes, by WILLIAM COBBETT. Mr. Cobbett was a remarkable Englishman, he was rather like other Englishmen of his time in that he could see the evils and injustice of the government, the Courts, and the entire system. But unlike other men of his time he would boldly publish his observations and cared nothing for the power of the system or individuals he exposed. In time he would see the need to quit his native land and come to the American Colonies to escape imprisonment or for his personal safety. But in America he would again see the evils of the system here, and would publish his observations and condemn those responsible regardless of their power and positions. Eventually he would see the need to return to England, where things had cooled down a bit, to escape jail and such here. And so, back and fourth he went, but his observations are forceful and just - for the most part - and reading his criticisms today is a delight, and a spot light on the folly and injustice of the systems of his day. OH!!! Would he not have much to write about today, and how long would it be before he found himself in danger of being arrested for Terrorism and removed, without trial, warning, attorney, or notice to friends, from either side of the Atlantic ocean.
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: Cob12
  • Author: Cobbett, William

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