Christianity Unveiled.

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Christianity Unveiled; Being an Examination of the Principals and Effects of the Christian Religion, by W. M. Johnson. This book was published in 1795 and contains the same hope that Freethinkers have hoped throughout the Ages, that all organized superstition will dwindle and die, and reason will bring fourth a sane and peaceful world. This book was published during the great Enlightenment that started in France and spread to the American Continent, it was the ideal of Liberty and Justice that the Constitution and the Government of the United States was originally Founded upon, and it was thought that this reign of Common Sense would last forever. But let us read the views of the Editor of this Work: "Editor’s Preface - "IN this philosophic age, when nature, reason, and the Rights of man have resumed their empire; when the genius of a great, generous and brave people, is giving the last blow to superstition and despotism, the publication of a work, which has greatly contributed to these glorious events, must be highly acceptable, not only to the literary world, but even to the community at large, who eagerly seek after instruction, the moment they believe it necessary for their happiness. This publication bears a conspicuous rank among those works, whose free and independent sentiments have introduced a happy change in the public mind, and concurred with the writings Rousseau, Mably, Raynal and Voltaire, in bringing forward the French Revolution: a Revolution which will probably prove the harbinger of the complete triumph of reason. Persecutions and wars will then cease forever throughout the civilized world." How I love the hope of a civilized world of peace, reason, and justice, that this Editor and the Author thought had been established, and would, hopefully, last forever. I love the hope but I do not think it will ever be achieved. Religion, superstition, is too powerful, too wealthy, and too unscrupulous, and too engrained into the mind and life of the masses of humanity to ever be removed. All we can do is to offer what resistance that becomes available, as we are doing by saving the true History of religion, and the brave thoughts and Biographies of those who dared to think and oppose them.
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: UNVEILED
  • Author: Johnson, W. M.

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