Atheism and Other Addresses.

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Atheism and Other Addresses, by Joseph Lewis. Joseph Lewis was a leading Freethinker in his time, and his time continued up through the 1960s. He was President of the Freethinkers of America, a publisher of Freethought books and pamphlets through his Publishing company, The Freethought Press Association, an Author of many books on Atheism, he was a great admirer of Thomas Paine (as every American should be) and had statues of Mr. Paine erected in the United States, England, and France. Thank you Mr. Joseph Lewis for your fight to keep Freethought alive in the darkest years of the religious battle to destroy through the use of our Federal Government, that always included Atheism, Freethought, etc., in its list of "subversive" organizations. An interesting about this book, it continued to grow with each new Edition, as it always included the Lectures Mr. Lewis gave up to the time of the new Edition. I will quote Mr. Lewis' entire Forward to this book. FOREWORD: All the material in this little book originated as talks for specific occasions. Several were broadcast over the radio. After they were delivered, requests for copies of the addresses poured in on the author, and to meet the demand they were published in pamphlet form. Because of their current and permanent value to students, speakers, writers, and intelligent laymen, many readers have re-ordered individual pamphlets many times through the years as their copies wore out or were borrowed and never returned. This undoubtedly has been responsible for the ever-increasing volume of requests that we have been receiving to have the pamphlets compiled into book form-and this little volume is the answer. THE FREETHOUGHT PRESS ASSOCIATION." It is such an honor for the Bank of Wisdom to again offer this and so many other scarce and suppressed Works of Truth and Freethought to the public, that those who can free their minds from a lifetime of religious indoctrination, and a society saturated with religious icons and propaganda, can find the facts they need to judge organized religion accurately.
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: LEWIS
  • Author: Lewis, Joseph

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