The Vatican Decrees in their Bearing on Civil Allegiance

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THE VATICAN DECREES IN THEIR BEARING ON CIVIL ALLEGIANCE; A Political Expostulation, by The Right Honorable William. E. Gladstone, M. P. Together with: THE PAPAL SYLLABUS AND THE VATICAN DECREES, by the Rev. Philip Schaff, D. D. William. E. Gladstone was one of the most famous Prim Ministers of Great Briton, and served as Prim Minister four times. Gladstone's only concern was the safety of his beloved country, and in that he was determined to expose every foreign danger he found, and in this regard he exposed and opposed the dangerous encroachments of the Vatican in its designs on England. The Vatican's boldest attack on the entire modern world was "SYLLABUS ERRQRUM" or Syllabus of Errors, issued in 1864. I have gave the Syllabus to several Catholic friends for their opinion on it, and every time they said they saw nothing wrong with this list. And every time they were amazed when I pointed out that these opinions were CONDEMNED as being wrong by their church. When they were convinced that the list had been condemned by their church they often objected that the Vatican was not the Catholic Church they believed in. This book presents the Syllabus in its original Latin and in English in side by side columns, it is a list every human being should read and understand. It gives a great understanding why the world is being pulled back into the Dark Ages when the Vatican ruled all.
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: GLAD
  • Author: Gladstone/Schaff

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