Ethan Allen - A Hero of the Revolution

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ETHAN ALLEN OF GREEN MOUNTAIN FAME, A HERO OF THE REVOLUTION By Charles Walter Brown. In the Introduction of this book we read a statement that might apply to any great movement that will always bring fourth leaders and heroes from the ranks of ordinary people who are caught up in the movement, Mr. Brown writes: "The American Revolution called forth the latent energies of many individuals who, in a more peaceable state of political affairs, would have slumbered in obscurity and gone down to the grave unhonored and unknown." My interest in Ethan Allen is the fact that he wrote the First Freethought book published in America - 'REASON, The Only Oracle of Man'. So Col. Ethan Allen was more than a hero in this world of reality, but was also a Hero in thought as well, he faced and rejected the pious threats of the con-artists of superstition, that he would suffer forever if he did not believe the idiotic nonsense of eternal punishment. We will offer more on this amazing man, including his 'REASON, The Only Oracle of Man in our series of Factual Histories.
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  • Model: EAllen
  • Author: Brown, Charles Walter

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