Communism and Christianism.

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WILLIAM MONTGOMERY BROWN -- COMMUNISM and CHRlSTlANlSM by Bishop William Montgomery Brown. This is but one of the many books that Bishop Brown issued in his determination to publish his convictions to the world. There will be a ten volume set and several other books available from this site. Bishop Brown was a Bishop in the Protestant Episcopal Church, needless to say, he was tried for Heresy by his church and relieved of all duties, but, as per the rules of his church, he remained a Bishop as this office was his for life. In the process of his trial the officials of his church was in doubt as to what the official dogma of his church actually was, but they did agree that what Bishop Brown was teaching was not it. I myself can agree with much of what Bishop Brown believed, but not all. But none the less, his observations and conclusions were logical and he was a distinguished, learned and honest man; I have profited much from his writings - I am certain you will too.
Emmett F. Fields

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  • Author: Brown, William Montgomery

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