Christianity and Conduct.

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HYPATIA BRADLAUGH BONNER -- Christianity and Conduct; or, The Influence of Religious Beliefs on Morals, by Hypatia Bradlaugh Bonner. While the religious community insists that there can be no morals without religion, the Freethought community is convinced of the contrary, that religion is the death of morals. Religion puts fourth a host of "Thou Shall Not" commandments - such as "Thou shall not allow a with to live" - but such restraints are useless in the fact of their delusion that there is a force, a god, that can forgive all sins. The purpose of religious forgiven sins and crimes is to relieve the individual of the pains of conscience and regrets. As the Atheist labors under no such delusions he, or she, is careful not to do wrong as there is no escape from the consequences of conscience and loss of self respect. This book, Christianity and Conduct, gives excellent examples of the harmful effect of religion on morals.
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: Chr&Con
  • Author: Bonner, Hypatia

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