From Behind The Bars

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FROM BEHIND THE BARS, A Series of very interesting Letters Written in Prism, by D. M. Bennett. Mr. Bennett, like many others who dared to tell the facts, and hold an opinion, different from those demanded by the Christian religion, was arrested and sent to prison for telling unwanted truths regarding religion. This book was written by letters sent, first from the jail where Mr. Bennett was held, and later from the prison where he served a year of Hard Labor - Mr. Bennett was over 60 years old at the time. The jail where he was first held limited his writing to a half page a week in an effort to restrict him from actually writing articles for The Truth Seeker magazine that he was owner and Editor of. But Mr. Bennett wrote so small that it required a magnifying glass to read his letters, and the Letters From Jail column continued to appear in The truth Seeker. The Saga of Freethought in America is the story of great and good men and women being punished for writing and speaking the truth. I am personally proud to be a small member of that Grand Army.
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: BARS
  • Author: Bennett, D. M.

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