The Ten Commandments

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The Ten Commandments, by Joseph Lewis. Very few people know what the Christian ten commandments actually say, almost all are unaware that the Catholic version of the ten commandments are different from the Protestant version, and in the final test it is unimportant what the Ten Commandments actually say. Today the Christian Ten Commandments are but a political tool of the Christian churches to have their religion plastered into every part of the American government, to prove the lie that the Christian religion was meant to control our government, and that there is no separation of the American government from organized religion, as the Constitution of the United States so clearly states; and the Founding Fathers of this great nation so tirelessly worked to achieve. Today the determination to post the Christian Ten Commandments is nothing more than a political tool to enrage Christian believers, as there will always be good Americans who will oppose to their being pasted on and in our government buildings, in our school room, and forced upon non-Christian children and into our private lives. I will ask how many churches have their Ten Commandments displayed on their Church building, or in the church yard for all to see; how many Christian homes have them displayed in the living room, or even the Den, Play room or kids room? The Christian Ten Commandments has became the symbol of political control for Christianity, the Christian people have no idea of the Ten Commands, except that they are told they are the Commandments of their god. But here is a book written by a leading Atheist of his time, who actually took the time and effort to research the origin, history, and purpose of the Christian Ten Commandments. Our Christian Friends need to read it.
Emmett F. Fields

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  • Author: Lewis, Joseph

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