Abraham Lincoln, by Herndon and Weik, Vol. 2 of 2 Vols

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ABRAHAM LINCOLN the True Story of a Great Life, Vol. 2 of 2 Vols., by WILLIAM H. HERNDON AND JESSE W. WEIK. This is an Authentic Biography of Abraham Lincoln by Lincoln's Law Partner, Mr. William H. Herndon, Mr. Jesse Weik was a writer that Herndon hired to write the Lincoln Biography from the notes and documents provided by Herndon. No one, not even Lincoln's wife, knew Lincoln as well as Herndon, the two men, Lincoln and Herndon, shared a Law Office for years, that is to say, one room, two desks, and they were the best of friends. When Lincoln went to Washington as President of the United States he stayed in close touch with Herndon, often asking his advice on important issues. When Lincoln was assassinated Herndon, realizing the true greatness of his friend, immediately started gathering Lincoln material; documents, letters, notes, and everything to do with Lincoln. He took depositions from all why knew Lincoln; friends, family members, political enemies, etc., no authentic Biography or History of Lincoln can be written without researching the Herndon collection of Lincoln documents. So this two volume set of the Biography of Abraham Lincoln is a must read for anyone who wants to know the facts about Lincoln the President, and Lincoln the man.
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  • Author: Herndon, W. H. and Weik, J. W.

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