The American Freeman, Number 1828, Dec. 13, 1930.

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The American Freeman, Number 1828, Dec. 13, 1930, Edited by E. Haldeman-Julius. The American Freeman is a full size newspaper, and each issue has four pages. This was a popular Socialist - Atheist newspaper that will be of great interest to Americans today, especially as the world Economic Depression deepens and worsens. One wonders where American would be today if we had followed the alternate path of Socialism, and the Politics of the Working people. This Newspaper was The Haldeman-Julius Weekly before the name was changed, and Bank of Wisdom will republished over a hundred and fifty of these two newspapers. These papers are best read at a setting of 200 to 400 % enlargement on your computer. Emmett F. Fields ---- NOTE: There is a free Menu that is linked to all Haldeman-Julius Weekly, and American Freeman newspapers, and every papers is listed by date and lead article. Place this Menu in a folder with the newspapers you have bought and clicking on a newspaper in the Menu and it will open the chosen newspaper. The name of this Menu is: American Freedom and H-J Weekly Complete Linked Menu - go to the FREE category and download this Menu now to see the extent of this amazing collection.

  • Model: AF1828
  • Author: Haldeman-Julius, Emanuel

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