Haldeman-Julius Monthley, Sept. 1928.

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The Haldeman-Julius Monthly, SEPTEMBER 1928, Edited by E. Haldeman-Julius. From the Contents: Can Knowledge Be Made Popular? Why Was God So Hard on Women and Snakes? by Clarence Darrow; Absurdities of Secret Societies, by Ben Moore. Monkey Gland Bunk, by T. Swam Harding. Great Humbugs, by Marc T. Greene. Southern Hospitality, by Sanford Jarrell. Speaking Up for the Ape, by George Bernard Shaw. The Holy Ghost In Arkansas, by Clay Fulks.
The Haldeman-Julius Monthly was a powerful magazine in its day, and they have become a rare and collected magazine today. Many of the unknown Authors who wrote for this publication, and other Haldeman-Julius publications, became world famous as time went by. No History of American Education can be complete without a few Chapters on the Haldeman-Julius Publishing Company, that educated in the most complete and effective way, several generations of American Working People. Bank of Wisdom will republish more The Haldeman-Julius Monthlies.
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: HJ9-28
  • Author: Haldeman-Julius, Emanuel

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