An Easy Outline of Evolution

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AN EASY OUTLINE of Evolution, by DENNIS HIRD. In the Preface the Author tells us: "THIS book is written for those who have not yet read any connected account of Evolution. Many technical matters have, therefore, been sacrificed to the primary objects of simplicity and clearness. There are plenty of books on this important subject to be read by the more advanced
student, and a list of these is given at the end of the present work." The book is presented here to give the beginner, and the unfortunate person who has been badly misinformed as to just what Evolution is and what it explains in nature, an opportunity to grasp the fundamentals of the science, and an opportunity to rise out of the brainwashing so well instilled in the minds of religious schools and sectarian home schooling.
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: easyo
  • Author: Hird, Dennis

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