What is the Bible?

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WHAT IS THE BIBLE? by J. T. Sunderland. This is yet another book to explain the Christian Bible. The book begins with this statement is on the Title page: "AN ATTEMPT TO ANSWER THE QUESTION, IN THE LIGHT OF THE BEST SCHOLARSHIP, AND IN THE MOST REVERENT AND CATHOLIC SPIRIT," So which one will give way to the other? The Best Scholarship will give way to nothing but the facts found in impartial research. On the other hand we have the bewildering statement: "in the most reverent and catholic spirit." So this book will investigate the Christian Bible with the Reverent finger of prejudice firmly planted, upon the scale of Scholarship, to be sure the Scholarship will not weigh accurately to the side of reason. I expect the book is not worth reading.
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: whatis
  • Author: Sunderland, J.T.

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