Treason and Plot

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TREASON AND PLOT, The Struggle for Catholic Supremacy in the Last Years of Queen Elizabeth, by Martin A. S. Hume. From the PREFACE: THE adoption of the Reformation by England was an event which did not alone concern the nation itself, but threw out of balance the whole edifice of European power, built upon traditional alliances and international policies that had survived for centuries. However much it may have suited the temporal ends of Spanish monarchs to incite their subjects to religious exaltation, it was not crusading zeal or spiritual fervor which impelled them for half a century to lavish the blood and substance of their countries, and to exhaust every expedient, from marriage to murder, for the purpose of bringing England back to the Catholic fold. A Protestant England and a divided Germany inevitably meant the decadence and final ruin of the great Spanish empire which the “Catholic sovereigns” had reared upon a base of bigotry. The wars that religion - Christianity - has caused has turned Europe red with blood again and again, this is he History of one of those struggles. To ignore the true history of religion is to invite future wars for as long as religion seeks to lord over the legitimate powers of national severity. The power of organized religion has removed much of this needed History from our schools and Universities and replaced it with a thing called "The New History." We must save the truth of History at all costs.
Emmett F. Fields

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  • Author: Hume, Martin A. S.

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