The World's Most Famous Trial

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The World's Most Famous Trial. This book contains the full transcript of the famous Scopes Evolution trial in Dayton Tennessee in July of 1925. Better known in the press of the day as "The Scopes Monkey Trial". This Trial had world wide newspaper coverage, not only because it drew attention to the sad fact that Evolution was not generally accepted in Americans, as it had been in Europe, England, and the rest of the world, but also because it pitted two famous attorneys against each other, Clarence Darrow for the Defense, and William Jennings Bryan for the prosecution. As the book clearly shows, the judge was entirely prejudiced against the Defense and the teaching of Evolution. So it was no surprise that the case was decided for the Prosecution - but the decision was later overturned by the Tennessee Supreme Court on a technicality. The arguments of William Jennings Bryan for the prosecution was so soundly defeated by the arguments of Clarence Darrow for the defense, that it is said that it was the cause of the death of William Jennings Bryan five days after the Trial ended.
Emmett F. Fields

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