The Tyranny of God, A statement for Athism.

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THE TYRANNY OF GOD by Joseph Lewis. This book has very short Forward, it is: "FOREWORD: Go forth, little book, to destroy fear, prejudice and superstition, and help to install Reason in the minds of the human race to be its guide in the affairs of life and its living." This book was first published in 1922, and these words are as true today as when first pined by Mr. Lewis: "We possess the knowledge and the means and, within the span of only one ‘day, could bring about the much-longed-for “Brother-hood of Man.” We could eliminate hatred from our hearts, and instill Justice as our guide. We could eradicate poverty from our midst and bring happiness to sorrowing mankind. We could blot out tyranny among men and exchange it for the priceless legacy of freedom and make the relation between man and man bear some semblance of humanity." It is always encouraging to me to read the words of Atheists urging to make this world what it can be by urging love of our fellow man, as opposed to seeing the religious hoards on their knees praying for a better world to come.
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: tyran
  • Author: Lewis, Joseph

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