The Truth About Jesus, Is He A Myth?

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THE TRUTH ABOUT JESUS, Was he a Myth? By M. M. Mangasarian. Mr. (ex-Rev.) Mangasarian rose himself from his childhood indoctrination into the Christian religion in Egypt, that terminated in his being an ordained minister and his own church in a suburb of Boston USA. And from there he rose from liberal Christian denomination to liberal Christian denomination until he escaped completely from the bounds of all superstitions to become a Rationalist Lecturer who gave Sunday lectures in Chicago on Rational and Social subjects. He Authored several forceful books including this one on the Historicity of Jesus. Religious Literature is so well controlled in the United States that it is seldom that we see one of the several published studies on the question of the existence of Jesus as an historic reality. 'The Quest for the Historic Jesus' by Albert Schweitzer is probably the best known, but there are a good many others, of which this present volume is one - and I think an outstanding one.
Emmett F. Fields

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  • Author: Mangasarian, M. M.

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