The Struggle Between Science and Superstition

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The Struggle Between Science and Superstition, by Arthur M. Lewis. This book was published in 1916, and in the Preface it predicts the struggle that will come in the United States between superstition and progress, this is a chicken-hearted way of saying 'The coming struggle between religion on the one hand, and science and human progress on the other.' In Mr. Lewis own words: "There is no lack of evidence that in this country in the coming years there will be a keen and bitter struggle between representatives of superstition and the champions of social progress. This little book is intended to serve as a weapon in the hands of the latter." The battle has now been fought, and the good guys have lost in the United States. Today we are the most religious nation in Western Civilization, every nation of Europe has risen itself out of the grip of religion and have progressed far beyond the strangle hold that religion once had on every nation there. But in the United States, that was founded upon Secularism and Freedom, we have lost the struggle and superstition has invaded every section of American life, and we are ever falling backward into the complete mind control of religion. Superstition has won not by the force of its facts and arguments - because it has none; it has won by using every means of its considerable power and wealth to suppress such old books as this one, and so many more, that, if known to the general public, would simply destroy religion by exposing its errors, crimes and swindles. The battle may be lost and the criminals are in power, but we fight on. The Bank of Wisdom now has over 3,000 of these old books, magazines, newspapers, etc., etc., in our computers and more being scanned in. We will offer this information to the public, a public that is now so starved of any information to counteract the effects of the mass of mind control propaganda spewed forth from every means of mass communication by superstition.
Emmett F. Fields

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  • Author: Lewis, Arthur M.