Darwinism and the Problems of Life

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Darwinism and the Problems of Life, by Conrad Guenther - Translated by Joseph McCabe, 1906.
Subtitled: A Study of Familiar Animal Life.
This is another book of facts and arguments that substantiate the fact of animal Evolution - including man. It is more than amazing that the same argument still rages today, in spite of the ever increasing evidence that supports, in every way, that evolution is a fact beyond honest doubt. But Evolution is a fact that challenges the profitable business of organized religion, and religion deals in the life long indoctrination of children on one hand, and the defacto censorship of science and reason on the other, this allows the dead hand of Dogma to survive and corrupt the thoughts of many even unto this very day.
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: problems
  • Author: Guenther, Conrad

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