History of the American Committee on Bible Revision - Private.

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PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL. DOCUMENTARY HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN COMMITTEE ON REVISION. PREPARED BY ORDER OF THE COMMITTEE FOR THE USE OF THE MEMBERS. In 1885 a Committee was assembled to re-write Gods word!! Imagine That!!! And to keep the public in the dark about the extent of the changes there was two Reports published of this Amazing Undertaking. There was one for public digestion, and this one marked PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL. One wonders why there needed to be a private, separate, confidential, secret, sneeky?, Revision of the Holy Word of God that was to be of such Holy Importance to all Christians. Is it possible that if the general public (the Christian, Bible believing part of the public that is) should really know the facts surrounding their Holy Bible, and re-writing of it by men who derive their position and livelihood by pretending to know - perhaps even really thinking they know - all about the unknowable and can rewrite the word of God as they think fit, and as is best suited to insure their continued position and income, and the continued devotion and financial generosity of those who believe whatever they choose to write is The Word of God. We also have the PUBLIC version of the Revision Committee, and both should be in hand to compare what the Committee was telling the public and what they were hiding from the public.
Emmett F. Fields

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