History of The Jesuits, Vol. 3 of 3 Vols.

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HISTORY OF THE JESUITS; From the Foundation of Their Society to Its Suppression by Pope Clement XIV., Vol. 3 of 3 Vols., by Andrew Steinmetz. This extensive study of the Society of Jesus - The Jesuits - includes their Missions throughout the world, their Educational System and Literature, with their Revival and Present State. There is no subject more interesting, nor more important, than the study of the Jesuits. Their influence throughout their history has been great, and most often sinister and dark. They survive today in almost every country, and they influence governments and leaders in their important decisions on peace or war, population, food and all other important, life and death, decisions that keep our world in constant chaos. This is from Mr. Steinmetz in the Introduction to this set of books: "TO the Catholic, as well as to the Protestant world this book is offered as some enlightenment, on that important subject - the abuse of the religious sentiment. It is a book of facts. The Jesuits themselves, Catholic historians, and Protestant writers, the most impartial, furnish the groundwork. The main subject is connected with the contemporaneous history of the world during the last three centuries, which is brought home to the present times of political unrest and revolutions - and yet hopeful withal. It is a history of Human nature --- errors, crimes, and retribution --- political as well as “religious“ --- and therefore, the book is impartial. Connected with no party whatever, my object has been to seek, and find, and boldly to express, the truth --- such, at least, as it has appeared to me, after multitudinous consultations. For, intensely interested in the subject, I have spared neither pains nor expense to collect such information on the subject as would enable me to put forth a decisive work, not only on the Jesuits, but the religious movement in general, which antagonised the South with the North of Europe. To every mind the history of the Jesuits presents subject of interest. In their exploits, the churchman, the missioner, the preacher, the educator, all who possess influence on the minds of men, may find hints and admonitions: --- their industry and perseverance are models for all humanity. They laboured indefatigably, and received their reward in a world-encircling power. From first to last, thy were never in obscurity. Like Minerva, sprung from the head of Jove, the Company of the Jesuits went forth from the brain of Ignatius, full-grown, ready for battle. In her infancy she was great - the world feared her when she won her position - the lust of conquest supervened - she exemplified the maxims of the very world which she went forth to reform --- and dug the pit into which she fell, discarded by the popedom, for whose defense she was established." Today the Jesuits move as scholars and influence the world as Educators with their own Universities, and they are advisers from behind the scenes. But they are still with us, and will always be.
Emmett F. Fields

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  • Author: Steinmetz, Andrew

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