A Glimpse of the Great Secret Society

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A GLIMPSE OF THE GREAT SECRET SOCIETY. A Most revealing book of Articles from many times and places and by many authorities. From just the first page of the Contents of this amazing collection of Jesuit activity over many years and places. "Jesuit influence and the France-German War; the Dogma * Quirinus; Father Beckx; the power behind the Papal Throne * The Empress Eugenie ----” Ma guerre.” Confessors * The Article in the Monde Results of the War * The Orleanists. Louis Philippe. The Church and the Parisians * An undying hatred. Spain and Amadeus * German distrust of the Papal party. Education * Prussia curbs Ultramontanism. The Cultus * Dollinger, the champion of Religious freedom in South Germany * Romanism in the United States. New York. Scripture teaching paralyzed * New York Roman Catholic Schools. Religious equality. Ribandmin. Fruits * Manning’s remarks relative to the Roman Catholic conquest of England. His justification of Anselm, a Beckot, Jesuit morality, of the Gunpowder Plot, and of treason, etc. Popish designs upon England * Jesuitism and Papal Infallibility. The Curia. Antonelli * Despotic nature of the Jesuit and Papal systems. Archbishop Darboy’s speech hostile to the Dogma * Fate of the three last Archbishops of Paris, (note) * Infallibility and Canon Law. Bishop Strossmoyer. Montalembert’s letter. Archbishop Sibour on the double idolatry * Rome, the Church and the People. The Four Articles of the Gallican Church * Dr. Dollinger’s celebrated Letter upon the incompatibility of the Dogma with Freedom * The Order and the Papacy, Infallible, not immortal. “Janus” Forgeries - the Isidorian Decretals. Canon of Sardica. Donations * AND this is just the first of five pages of the Contents of this rare book of church History and doings.
Emmett F. Fields

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