Bible Myths and their Parallels in Other Religions

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BIBLE MYTHS AND THEIR PARALLELS IN OTHER RELIGIONS, Being A Comparison of the Old and New Testament Myths and Miracles with those of Heathen Nations of Antiquity considering also their Origin and Meaning, by T. W. DOANE. Why are such books as this so hard to find, should they not be readily available at the local book store, and the subject a part of every collage course on comparative religion, and even be a part of children's Sunday School lessons. And these are only a small department of the wealth of factual Historic information that is generally suppressed and not available to the average American. Except for the connection to, and being a part of, current religion, such misrepresentations for the profit of those who profit from such suppressions and deceptions would be of great interest to the racket's division of the local police. But a little about how this great book was written; Mr. Doane, the Author, tells us that he had researched this important subject for his own enlightenment and entertainment, without any idea of presenting the facts to the public, he writes: "THE idea of publishing the work here presented did not suggest itself until a large portion of the material it contains had been accumulated for the private use and personal gratification of the author. In pursuing the study of the Bible Myths, facts pertaining thereto, in a condensed form, seemed to be greatly needed, and nowhere to be found. Widely scattered through hundreds of ancient and modern volumes, most of the contents of this book may indeed be found; but any previous attempt to trace exclusively the myths and legends of the Old and New Testament to their origin, published as a separate work, is not known to the writer of this. Many able writers have shown our so-called Sacred Scriptures to be unhistorical, and have pronounced them largely legendary, but have there left the matter, evidently aware of the great extent of the subject lying beyond." And so we have this amazing collection of Historic information gathered into one place. And, at last, it will be readily available to the public who so desperately needs it.
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: Doane
  • Author: Doane, T. W.

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