A History of the Papacy, Vol. 3 of 6 Vols

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M. CREIGHTON, -- A History of the Papacy, Vol. 3 of 6 Vols., From The Great Schism to the Sack of Rome, by M. Creighton, D.D., From the PREFACE. "MY aim in this book is to bring together materials for a judgment of the change which came over Europe in the sixteenth century, to which the name of 'The Reformation’ is loosely given. I have attempted to do this from a strictly historical point of view, - by which I mean that I have contented myself with watching events and noting the gradual development of affairs. I have taken the history of the Papacy as the central point for my investigation, because it gives the largest opportunity for a survey of European affairs as a whole." This is another of the magnificent and extensive Scholarly Works that must form the foundation of any factual modern History of the period and subject covered. These old Historical Works must not be lost as they are the foundation for learning the facts of the past, the 'New History' that seek to present History in a manner that presents a religion or a church in a complimentary manner by hiding the unsavory facts is no History at all, but simply Propaganda. This New History began in religious schools but over the last century has became more general, even in secular and State institutions.
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  • Model: CRE3
  • Author: Creighton, M.

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