A History of Religious Persecutions

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A History Of Religious Persecutions, From the Apostolic Age to the present Time; and of the INQUISITION OF SPAIN, PORTUGAL, AND GOA. by F. B. Wright. This is a rare old religious book published in 1816. From the ADVERTISEMENT (Introduction) we can clearly see why the Founding Fathers of the United States Government wisely excluded religion from politics, and forever separated State from Church in America. From the book: "The late outrages in France against the freedom of religious worship, and the dreadful massacre of the Protestants there, must have excited surprise and horror in the breast of every friend to liberty of conscience. - The chagrin manifested by a part of our dignified clergy, at the increase of Dissenters, and the alarm they feel for the hierarchy from the spread of information by the Bible Societies and others - " This book is filled with the insane horrors of religious torture throughout Christian dominated Europe, and every other part of the world where Christianity penetrated. This book is of the utmost importance today, when the most dangerous kind of Fundamentalist political/religious sickness has penetrated into the very hart of America, and threatens to destroy the Foundations of Liberty and Justice for all that the Founding Fathers was so careful to establish in their new Government.
Emmett F. Fields

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  • Author: Wright, F.B.

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