The Story of My Mind

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The Story of My Mind, How I Became a Rationalist, by M. M. MANGASARIAN. Originally Mr. (Rev.) Mangasarian wrote this for his children, he wanted them to know how he arrived at his final conclusion about religion. Born a Christian in Egypt among Moslems he knew what it is like to be of a minority belief among people of a hostile religion. To finish his ministerial education he came to the United States, where he graduated and became minister of a church in Boston. It was not long before he could no longer believe the dogma of his church and he moved along to become a Unitarian, but soon out grew that and moved to another belief. As he moved through the various churches and beliefs he explained why they did not appeal to him, thus giving a rational explanation of why he had to leave each belief system. Finally he started his own Rationalist society in Chicago. An extensive collection of Mr. Mangasarian is available from Bank of Wisdom.
Emmett F. Fields

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  • Author: Mangasarian, M. M.

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