Bible Defence of Slavery.

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BIBLE DEFENSE OF SLAVERY: OR THE ORIGIN, HISTORY, AND FORTUNES OF THE NEGRO RACE, by Rev. W. S. BR0WN, M. D. In an Apology Bank of Wisdom has prefaced this book with a Disclaimer that we DO NOT AGREE with the observations and conclusions presented in this awful religious book, but such books are necessary to understand the American Civil War, a war that killed more American soldiers than WW I and WW II put together - we must not let anything like this happen again. From our Disclaimer: "DISCLAIMER We reproduce this book as a necessary part of understanding the mind of the South during the American Civil War, and how slavery could have been established in the United States, and in the Western World wherever primitive Bible assumptions was enforced by law. The Bible, and the Christian clergy, was a mainstay for the South all during the American Civil War. This book is but one of a number of such books that were in circulation before and during the Civil War, they helped to bring about the Civil War and gave courage and support to the Confederate soldier in battle. Today these religious books in support of slavery have been systematically destroyed and have become almost impossible to find." The people who have reviewed this book before we reproduced it, agreed that such books was, and are, an important part of American History, and must be reproduced and made available to the public. If it is an embarrassment to Christians, and their Clergy, let them see to it that their Bible does not again bring about another Bible based war.
Emmett F. Fields

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