Lincoln and Herndon

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LINCOLN AND HERNDON, by JOSEPH FORT NEWTON. Herndon was Lincoln's Law partner, and shared a Law Office for years, and were the best of friends. In those days the sharing of an office, law, or most any other, it meant one room with two desks in it. And so it was all those years with Lincoln and Herndon, one room, with two desks. This duel Biography of these two men is required reading for anyone who is a student of Lincoln. Few even know the name Herndon in connection with legendary Lincoln, President of the United States, Savior of the Union, The man that abolished Slavery, and who died for it. But Herndon remained the close friend of Lincoln and Lincoln often sought Herndon's advice long after he took up the duties of President and leader of the war to save the Union. The importance of Herndon is brought out in this study. And it tells also the tireless efforts of Herndon to gather the history of Lincoln, his life, his family, his sayings, papers, speeches, and all. We can only wonder if Lincoln would have been as well remembered if Herndon, his tireless friend, had not gathered and preserved the literary Works of Abraham Lincoln.
Emmett F. Fields

  • Model: Herndon
  • Author: Newton, Joseph Fort

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